SELinux and 403 Forbidden messages from Apache, but I KNOW the permissions are right… right!?

I upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise from Fedora Core 7 recently. I wasn’t running SELinux on the Fedora box but decided to try it out on the shiny new RHE server.

I ran into seemingly simple problem, my apache log was reporting a 403 – Forbidden permission denied to index.php when trying to access a simple test index.php in one of my virtual hosts. This is something that I’ve done probably 120 times before in only minutes, but it took me about 3 hours last night to get to the bottom of this. I figure it deserves a post as a personal note, and hopefully save others the time and a headache.

MeetingPress – Powering the Cytokines 2008 conference in Montreal

MeetingPress™ is currently running the 7th Joint Meeting of the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research and the International Cytokine Society Cytokines 2008, to be held October 12 to 16, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. MeetingPress™ has also successfully hosted their 2004 conference in Puerto Rico and last year’s 2007 meeting in San Francisco CA.

Six Key Features:

1. Abstract submission via the conference web site.
2. Abstract management, including tools for reviewing, editing and distributing.
3. Attendee registration via the web. – launched today.

Latin, meaning: a meeting.

The Occursys™ web site was released today and is ready for users and their content!

Occursys™ currently develops Meeting Press™, but can also be considered a community portal for the scientific students and professors attending such meetings as Cytokines 2008 in Montreal, and the upcoming Cytokines 2009 meeting in Lisbon.

Anyone in the community can create an account and post abstracts, questions and other field related content. Colleagues can comment and provide feedback on each other’s work and studies.

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