NOTE: I will not be updating the theme for versions of phpMyAdmin below 3.4 (the upcoming release). With the official release of PMA 3.4, pmahomme will be the new default theme.

phpMyAdmin has been on my list of must have applications for years. Sincerely I couldn’t go a day without it.

It’s a fantastic free software tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web.

As endearing as phpMyAdmin is, one of its features has bothered me for seven looong years… that is, the look and feel. The default theme is boring, old, and leaves much to the imagination. As a Web/UX developer, I couldn’t just live with it, right?!

With that, I’ve taken some time to give back to my beloved phpMyAdmin and created a theme that not only puts a positive spin on the user experience but provides a new, modern look and feel for one of the best open source applications of all time.

I’ll continue to update and fix browser bugs if folks begin to adopt this theme.

Please have a look and if you’re interested, you can:

Download pmaHomme v1.0 from

I hope you find it useful & tell your friends, enjoy!