MonthJune 2010

Active Scripting enabled but Javascript still doesn’t seem to work on Windows 2008 Server Enterprise?

To Fix the Problem:

Start > Control Panel > Programs & Features > (now look to the left) you will see a link Turn Windows Features On or Off, click it!

You’ll see a new window titled Server Manager, now look to the right and click the Configure IE ESC, adjust your settings, meaning TURN IT OFF!

Refresh your browser, Javascript and/or AJAX functions can now get back to work. I’ll elaborate on my thoughts about this “feature” later, but for now, to quickly post an easier-to-find solution I’ll publish it now, hope this helps!

Send your RHEL FTP users to jail

I’m running Red Hat Enterprise Linux and assume you have nano installed; if not vi works or any other editor. Also using PuTTY to access my server from windows.

To jail folks up we’ve taken this approach which I think is pretty straight forward.

1. Open a terminal, type:

nano /etc/passwd

2. Make two changes:

  • Set the user’s home directory to whatever the home directory is for the website they work on:
  • Set their login shell to /sbin/nologin

Save it by Ctrl+x, then hit the “y” key, then enter/return to confirm.

To finalize the deal, you must add their username to /etc/vsftpd/chroot_list.

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